In this jar: peels from twelve organic lemons + 0.75 liters of 190-proof Everclear. After 4-hours to 4 weeks on the counter, add simple syrup and, ta-daaaa, homemade Limoncello is here. 

It all started one night as Daniel (my beloved) and I sat around the campfire for cocktail hour. 

He said, "What if we made our own cocktails? Like," he paused, "our own liquor."

Me, up for almost-anything (especially if it involves Happy Hour) said, "Sure! But ... how?"

Ideas went as far as purchasing our own still (what?!) back to a more turn-key (and apparently legal) option: doctoring up some pre-made booze into a concoction of our own making. Or, should I say, Daniel's own making.

(Side note: Daniel is a go-getter when it comes to projects like these. I'm the brainstormer of the family ... he's the action-hero. He gets an idea and he does it. Good thing is I usually get to enjoy the end product...)

In this case, the fire in his belly to make homemade Limoncello was lit and subsequently, I thought: so will we be...

He followed a recipe similar to this. He diligently peeled and scraped and removed every trace of the evil "white pith," which apparently can make limoncello taste bitter. (NOTE: the only change from this recipe was that he strained the lemon/Everclear potion through a coffee filter into our Chemix before adding the simple syrup. Don't think it matters though.)

And now? YUM. We've had a few taste testings and are set for the upcoming Labor Day weekend with a homemade adult beverage to share. Try it for yourself & let me know how it turns out!

Even better: put your cabin Labor Day guests to work with a peeler and carving knife. Then invite them back in a month to enjoy the spoils. (Or: some recipes say you can just let it soak overnight! Might be a better sell...)

As always, post comments, recipes and ideas you try!


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