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"Oh. My. God. The colors are SO PRETTY!" This month, I was practically yelling this every half hour.

Driving into town. Walking down to the dock. Dropping something off at our little post office. Picking up the paper from our favorite local bait-grocery-beer story, the Happy Hooker. Just being ANYWHERE.

No matter where I go, I'm swooning over the oranges, the browns, the yellows ... the fall leaves.

So, what's so different this year? 

I'd lived in Minnesota all my life before moving up here to NW WI. The last 25 years, I've lived in the city -- which also, obviously, has trees and leaves that go through this same autumnal process. But this year? Being absolutely surrounded by forests and grasses and all-out-nature? Seeing the subtle changes occurring each and every day?

Truly feeling like a part of something transformational, it's calling out something new to me. It's a display unlike any other that I've experienced and it's truly spectacular. In other words: I'm feeling grateful for the change of season in a very new way. I'm feeling the slowing down, the quiet, the oncoming slumber is a new rhythm that's beckoning. And I'm feeling it more than ever.

Yep, you could even say ... I'm falling for it.



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