Hello friends! Sorry to be MIA, but the plague hit the household here in NW Wisconsin. Yep, the hubs and I were down for the count for 10 whole days. Surrounded by crumpled tissues and soothed by old episodes of Will & Grace, we hunkered down. We ate soup. We slept. And then, in between coughing fits, feverish visions and snotty sneezes, we took advantage of our favorite perk of cabin living: the sauna. 

They say that saunas are a God-send for boosting immune systems and, when one is flattened by a cold, can even help ease symptoms. And it just feels good. 

So, this past week, we spent more time in that wooden barrel than normal. Can I say it cured us? Not exactly. Can I say that it helped? Absolutely.

Take it from us: If you're ailing, head out for a sweat. It does a body good.

(Oh! That's our little cabin sauna above ... pick up one for yourself – and other goodies – here.)

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